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About the Snorri Bros

As congenital beings of creativity, Eidur Snorri and Einar Snorri have been crafting their art since an early age. Brought together by their rebellious nature, their first collaborations happened over breakdance and graffiti, until they discovered their prime calling photography and film. Shooting fashion and making videos for musicians and friends in Reykjavik, before long the Snorri’s published their own magazine. One of their projects was to shot a series of iconic portraits of some of the locals at their hangout spot, a bar called Kaffibarinn. 14 years later these portraits were put into a book and published by . For info see;Power House Books NYC

After a few productive years of art-making in Iceland, the cradle of hip hop & city of their dreams began to call. New York was on the horizon as they found a way to get them selfs to the big city. They packed their bags and walked to the harbour and hopped on a cargo ship going from Reykjavik to New York! Needless to say in return for the kind favor the captain, his ship and first officer all got their portrait taken.


Following their dreams, the brothers headed to the offices of some of their favourite magazines, such as Spin, Interview and Details. Before long their playful ideas began covering pages of these publications, shooting regularly for few of them, mainly shooting musicians and bands such as Soundgarden, No Doubt, DJ-Shadow, Green Day, Bjork, Busta Rhyme, Corn, Chemical Brothers and the Wo Tang Clan to name a few.

As a result of their experimentation of animating their photos, they put together a ‘strange’ demo reel to show their discovery. Shortly after their career took off after shooting, directing and editing the music video for R.E.M. “Daysleeper”. Which remains a groundbreaking piece of work still to this day and delightfully in a way, the bros brought the technique of stop frame animation to the game.

Ever exploring new ideas and fun ways, Eidur came up with an idea, to build a special rig. A mount to attach to the body so one can walk or run with the camera locked on to oneself, keeping the face as an example steady in the frame and focus. They used for their photo and video shoots. This extremely effective tool then got the name “SnorriCam” after their NY friend Darren Aronofsky borrowed it for his first films “Pi” & “Requiem for a Dream” as to capture some of the scenes with more magic and extra intensity! Go to; for more information on the legendary device.

After traveling the world and becoming a world renowned directors, life and timelines took them different paths for some years. Einar moved back to Iceland and then to Berlin Germany to raise a family. In the meantime, an old friend from Reykjavik, also named Snorri came in as an assistant to help Eidur keeping the party moving forward. Soon Snorri began co-directing with Eidur Snorri and they continued together as a team directing commercials and other fun stuff for many years.

As one cycle closes, a new one begins. A new chapter has begun and the original duo is back. Einar Snorri moved to Los Angeles in March 2014 to where Eidur Snorri lives. They are signed with Best Friend